PoleArt Greece for the first time in Greece

Poleart Greece for the first time in Greece
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For the first time in Greece, one of the most important international events in the sport of Pole Dancing recognized by IPSAF, Poleart Greece.

PoleArt Greece details:

When: 24/09/2016

Where: Cine Kerameikos

More than 100 athletes from all over the world
1000 people in the audience
Thousands of viewers through live streaming

PoleArt demonstrates worldwide the athletic along with the creative side of Pole Dancing, while the participants have the opportunity to express their uniqueness, their talent, and their creativity through our favorite sport.

During the conduct of PoleArt Greece, champions of the field will give workshops to those who want to develop and learn the secrets of the sport.

The spectators that will attend in Cine Kerameikos will enjoy unique choreographies, synchronized movements, dynamic acrobatics that will take them to the magical world of Pole Dancing.

Presenting the event radio producer and DJ Nikki Ximeri.

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Greek Pole Dancing Association- G.P.D.A.
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