Tips of how to memorize choreographies / combos by Polina Syniachenko

Tips of how to memorize choreographies / combos by Polina Syniachenko

My secret to memorize choreographies is simple. My choreography tells a story through every move – it expresses a word, it reveals an emotion or it narrates an event. The body movements and combinations of various dance elements are set by the laws of theatrical and dance performances.

Is it difficult to remember the story that you tell the audience? For me, it isn’t.

The drill with pole combinations is the same.

I usually teach the combos that I show in contests to my students -these are my signature combos. But when it comes to conventional combinations, they are typical.

The most important thing a person must do to remember a combination is to understand it and understand its purpose. Ask yourself what you want to show with this combination and the order of the elements of the combination – it is a matter of technique.

The importance of facial expressions in a performance

Facial expressions and emotions are sometimes more important than the tricks and elements. I’m inspired by ballet and ballet dancers, because very few people know how much effort they put on practice. Few people see that behind their white dresses and gentle smiles there are many hours of hard training, tears and blood on wounded toes.

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Pole Dancers must show the emotion that they want to pass on to the audience, regardless of whether they are hurt at this point. And most importantly – this emotion must be sincere.

Warm up before the performance / competition etc.

Warm up before the contest or before the performance -this is the key to get you started. This is what will trigger you to move on. Warm-up is meditation, which not only helps the body to be awaken and stretch, but also helps to tune in with the desired result. A few exercises, in order to strengthen the body, will give you energy and limit fatigue symptoms. Stretching can give you some time to think about the choreography steps and remember the key points of the music.

Perform stretching before the competition in the same way as you prepare for a date. Repetition of exercises is known to help calm down and keep all irrelevant thoughts besides dancing out of your mind.

Working the lines of our body

Body lines differ among people. Everyone has been given a different body and that is the beauty of the human body – that’s what every person needs to know. It is necessary for everyone to keep this in mind in order to realize the extent to which they are wonderful.

Regular training and complete dedication is the key to success. Nothing is impossible, because there is always a way to achieve your goals.

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A good trainer, regular exercise and a healthy diet are key factors. Only the combination of training and proper nutrition will offer the desired result. I am sure that counting calories, separate food and other methods in order to bring the body will not have absolutely no value if you do not train and do not engage in sports. If your goal is to have beautiful lines and good shape of the body, prepare for training, and you are bound to have excellent results.

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Polina Syniachenko

Born in Donetsk in Ukraine.Graduated from Donetsk Medical Univertity.
Doctor Medecine & Philisophy,Rheumatologist, Teacher at High School, Athlete, Artist, Dancer.
In 2010 i started practicing pole dance and in the same year i opened my own Pole Studio in Ukraine.
I organised National Pole Dance & Sport Championship in Ukraine 2012 -2014, pole shows, competition, Ukrainian Pole Camp.In 2014 i closed my studio because of war.In 2015 I moved to Slovakia and opened SYNIACHENKO STAR STUDIO
President Slovak Pole Sport & Art Federation ( SPSAF)
Owner and main trainer at Syniachenko Studio
Designer and owner of sports wear line Syniachenko Brand.

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