Eat Healthy! What to eat during the Holiday season

Eat Healthy! What to eat and drink during the Holiday season
Written by Maria Perperidi

Christmas is just around the corner and like every year, holidays bring the opportunity for socializing with friends and family. Most of you want to relax, have fun, meet your favorite people, but also to enjoy traditional food and festive desserts.

Nobody wants to listen to the “don’ts”, or follow the “rules” during the holidays, however, that doesn’t mean you should jump into over-consumption.

You see, over-consumption leads to guilt and guilt is the worst adviser, as most of the times it drives you to follow drastic, restrictive diets that can harm your health. Besides, there are ways to eat healthy and tasty.

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So, here are some useful diet tips, for those who wish to stay on track and avoid feeling guilty.

  • Eat small and frequent meals. Make sure you get 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 2 in between snacks a day, to help you feel satiated and not overeat food and desserts.
  • A good trick to eat everything but still keep it healthy, is to mentally divide your plate into three parts. Vegetables must take up ½ of the plate, protein (cooked meat) should take up ¼ and pasta or any other appetizers should fill the remaining ¼.
  • Keep alcohol consumption under control. Having 2-3 drinks at Christmas day is OK. Remember – Alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories. Don’t over do it.
  • Don’t skip meals in order to eat more at the Christmas table. You will only end up feeling hungrier and eat more.
  • Keep in mind that the important thing is not to go over the top. Holiday festivities are much more than food and drink. There are a time to take a break, to enjoy yourselves, to enjoy food and to dance a lot to burn all those calories eaten.

We wish you a Happy Holidays and your home to be filled with love, joy and yummy smells!!!

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